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Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Start A Website in 5 Minutes?

Make your website as soon as you finalize the name of your business. The early you make a website, the easy it will be for ranking in the search engines like Google.
Don’t worry if you can not find the exact domain name with your business name. People are going to click your website by searching in google or by clicking on social media posts. No one is going to remember the exact spelling of your website.
Use alternate ways if you can not find exact .com domain for your business. You can use word like app or hq with your business name as used by buffer and groove (, at the end of your business name.
Whether to buy .com ?
  • For global audience, buy .com domain
I write about Indian personal finance so I bought .in domain.
WordPress website is the simplest way of making your own website in a few minutes.
I signed up with Godaddy and faced a lot of issues with speed and support. Then I did research on finding a better hosting company and upgraded to Siteground.  I realised that I was losing my potential business with slow servers of Godaddy.
I still run a few websites on Godaddy but I don’t care about the traffic on those websites. Those are just for testing and experimenting things.
Signup with SiteGround fast & reliable hosting
Here is the video to show you the steps to get hosting from SiteGround (with or without domain)

When you get right with your passion and mix your brain that calculate cheap+best, then you find better options.
  • Get a hosting 
Get 60% discount on SiteGround hosting
I personally use SiteGround and did not find any issues till date.
Don’t spend too much time on price comparisons of hosting – buy whatever fits into your pocket, rather spend more time on building your business.
Just start doing work and you can always keep changing the domain name.
Here is the video to show you the process of technical work inside SiteGround (Very Simple)

(I initially registered wisebaniya, then changed the name to moneysparkle and finally registered cashoverflow domain, without impacting anything on the hosting or content of website)
Select Your Favorite Section [hide]
  • Basic settings of WordPress
  • Plugins for WordPress
    • #1. Akismet
    • #2. Jetpack
    • #3. Yoast SEO
    • #4. Sumo Me
    • #5. TinyMCE Advanced
    • #6. W3 Total Cache
    • #7. WP Smush
    • #8. Google Analytics for WordPress
    • #9. WP Database Backup

Basic settings of WordPress

I am not sure what exactly is the purpose of your website, but in 99% of the cases, you will start writing a blog if you are using WordPress. Do some necessary settings before you publish your first article.
#1. Permalinks
The first most important thing to correct is permalinks to This helps you in better search engine optimization because your title text will appear in your urls.
#2. Theme
You don’t have to buy any theme until you have some business. WordPress provides tons of free themes. You should start with any decent theme without wasting much time on theme selection because you can change the theme at any time without losing any of your data.
#3. Default URL
Change the default url to rather than You can find this under General Settings.
All your website links will be redirected automatically to www version and you don’t have to worry about the advance settings.
#4. Home Page
You can set your home page to static page or blog with a list of articles. It all depends on your choice, website theme and purpose of the website.
In the case of a static page, put some relevant text to your website.
If you are setting your home page to a blog, then change the setting to show complete text of the article rather than a list. I guess you won’t be having a lot of articles initially. Change the setting back to the list when you published at least five articles.
You can find it under Reading Settings
#5. Menu
You won’t be needing menu’s until you publish some internal pages but if you are using the static page as your home page then you have to show a link of the blog in the menu.
You can find the steps in this video

Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is powerful because of awesome plugins that you can use for maintaining your website.
Just quickly go through the plugins, search each plugin in your add new plugin section of WordPress and install in few minutes.
These are the exact plugins that I use to keep my website in a good shape.

#1. Akismet

Akismet protects your blog from spam comments. It’s algorithm will automatically mark spammer’s comments spam and allow real people’s comments to appear on your articles.
The algorithm is 99% times correct. You have to occasionally check if spam comments are not getting approved or real people’s comments are not getting filtered out in spam category.
You can see this plugin by default in your wordpress login. You have to signup with Akismet to create a free account.

#2. Jetpack

You can install jetpack plugin to get many useful widgets. Jetpack asks you to configure settings automatically. You may choose to enable selected settings manually.

#3. Yoast SEO

It’s most essential plugin for making your website SEO friendly. You don’t have to change anything in advance settings but just fill details in basic settings.
You should also generate sitemap for your website using this plugin.

#4. Sumo Me

I use sumome plugin for collecting email addresses and putting social media sharing buttons on my website.
The plugin has many options. Don’t get overwhelmed as most of options are useless in initial days.
You may use ‘Welcome Mat’, ‘Top Bar’, ‘Pop up’ for collecting emails. Make sure you don’t spoil the user experience by enabling all email collection plugins.
I like SumoMe sharing buttons because of two reasons.
  • You can place sharing buttons at multiple places on your desktop website and mobile website.
  • You can configure Whatsapp button for sharing on mobile website

#5. TinyMCE Advanced

I like this plugin because it provides me additional editing options when I write articles in wordpress.

#6. W3 Total Cache

I suggest to install a caching plugin to increase loading speed of your website. The plugin will zip some of static content & scripts and download on visitor’s computer. Your website will load fast when your visitor opens another page of your website or return to your website within few days.
Don’t change the advance settings and use only recommended settings mentioned on the page.

#7. WP Smush

One more thing to increase the speed of your website – optimize your images to load fast. WP smush will reduce the size of your images without compromising with quality.
Why I am stressing so much about increasing the speed of your website?
Because your website will rank fast in google with faster speed. Your visitors will have great experience on fast website. How many times have you left websites because those were loading slow? Many times, right?
Work on increasing speed of your website if you don’t want your visitors to leave because of silly reason.

#8. Google Analytics for WordPress

You would like to know how many people are visiting your website on daily, weekly and monthly basis. You would also like to know from where your visitors are coming to your website.
Make a free account on google analytics and create a unique code starting with UA.
Use that code in Google Analytics plugin and you will be able to see your visitor’s stats
You will know how many users are visiting your website, how much time they are spending, from which page they are leaving and which is major source of your website traffic.

#9. WP Database Backup

You don’t want to lose any of your data because of technical issues or user mistakes. Install wordpress database backup plugin and schedule database backup on weekly basis.
That’s it!
Now spend more time into content strategy and promotions of your website.

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