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Saturday, March 10, 2018

How to Earn Side Income Without Leaving Your Full Time Job

how to earn money online

First of all, let me clear that there is no quick way to become rich.
Second, I can bet that everyone has a potential to make a decent income online.
Ask yourself, why you pay money to anyone?
The easy answer is when someone solves your problem. You pay for food when you are hungry. You pay for cloths, health treatment, transport and many other things. People take money from you to provides you either a product or a service.
You can also earn money online by providing a product or service. Internet has more power than our physical word because you can reach out to millions of people through internet. You can become innovative and mix a product & service to earn money.
You can not earn money without solving a problem. And you need a skill to solve someone’s problem. Don’t get disappointed if you can’t figure out your skill that can be sold on the internet.
Everyone has skills but they ignore their valuable skills most of the time.
Shivya is a girl who loves travelling. She left her job & sold her apartment for the love of travelling. She is funding all her travel through her blogging. She developed her online skills and moved away from her traditional job.
  • When you are a teacher, you develop side skills of people management (student/parent/administration), evaluation, event organisation, record keeping and more.
  • When you are a developer/tester/designer, you develop side skills of excel, code management tools, bug management, office politics and many more.
  • When you are a sales/marketing guy, you develop side skills of communication, public relationships, presentation decks, persuasive email writing and many more.
Many a times, your side skills become more valuable than your core domain skill. You can definitely start helping people online with your core or side skills.
IMP: Do you remember when you helped someone last time and made that person happy?
If the answer is yes, then you found one skill to help people. Can you repeat that by finding someone online and helping him?

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There are many ways to earn money from internet but I will share a few that worked for me.

#1. Become A Freelancer

It’s not easy to become a freelancer who earns 100,000 rupees per month from freelancing work. But it’s easy to find or develop a skill that can be sold on the internet.
Start small and then grow consistently.

Following are high paying jobs for the freelance work
  • Freelance writers (Rs. 1000 to 20,000 per article)
  • Freelance developer ( $10 to $100 per hour)
  • Freelance designer ($10 to $1000 per design)
  • Freelance SEO consultant ($10 to $100 per hour)
  • Freelance digital marketer (10% of digital marketing budget)
You should avoid low paying jobs like data entry and form filling. Rather spend time to develop skills that can pay you a great sum of money in the long run.

#2. Become A Consultant

If you have a knowledge of a particular domain and help someone grow their business then you can become a consultant.
There is no limit on the money that a consultant can charge. In general, if someone feels that his business can make extra 10,00,000 rupees with your advice then he can happily pay you 100,000 (10% of expected profit in the long run). Means you have to give at least 10x value to your clients with your consulting work.
People with following domain knowledge can become high value consultants
  • Business Consultant
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Sales Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Health/Education/E-commerce (Any high value domain) Consultant
Do you have a deep experience in any domain that you can add value to someone’s business? You can become a consultant.

#3. Become A Teacher or Coach

Becoming a consultant is one to one where you charge a high amount for your advice (one time or regular).
Become a teacher or coach is one to many where you charge less per person but make a big money by helping a group of people at the same time. Per hour value of your work may be more than a consultant.
You can teach following skills online
  • Foreign language
  • Music, Singing, Dance
  • Designing skills
  • Computer programming language
  • Supportive skills like Excel, Word, Code Debugging, Automating testing
  • Repairing tools (computers, mobiles, or any machine)
  • The list will go on..
You don’t have to an expert for becoming an online teacher. You have to better than your student and help them learn the skill. During the process of teaching you will also master the skill.

#4. Start A Blog

The problem with point 1, 2 and 3 is that you are trading your time for the money.
If you become sick someday then you would earn no money as a freelancer, consultant or a teacher.
That is the reason that most of the smart people have their blog or YouTube where they engage their audience. There are at least 100 ways to make money from a blog.
You should not worry about making money initially. You must worry about writing a quality content and bringing a quality audience on your blog.
I started my blog in May 2015 but didn’t monetise till Sep 2016. I made 50,000 rupees in the first month and scaled up to Rs. 200,000 per month in the next 6 months.
I am not sharing to brag about my success but to tell you that even I am surprised with the potential of internet.
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#5. Sell Something Online

If you think that selling your service or writing a blog is not your cup of tea, then you can sell something on the internet.
You can sell anything on the market places like Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm. You can also open your own e-store on shopify.
After listing your product online, you can run some Ads on Facebook to sell your products.
Read the inspiring story of a man who became millionaire by selling umbrellas. If he can make money then you can too.

Over to You

Let me know what is stopping you to take the control of your life in your hands?
If you are ready for the action, here are a few helpful links for you.

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